Risk Management

Risk Management

Incidents can occur anywhere and anytime on a work site, and the risk of litigation is always present.

Endeavour considerably reduces this risk by recording all insurance, training and safety information, you can quickly retrieve the information you need.

Subcontractors Insurance Certificates

Endeavour makes it easy to keep track of your subcontractor’s insurance certificates by letting you record the expiration date in the risk management database and be notified when it is about to expire.


By simplifying the project management process, Endeavour helps you avoid mistakes and greatly reduces the risk of litigation. However, if faced with litigation, Endeavour manages all the information pertaining to the litigation, keeps track of advancements and keeps a log of your communications, making it easier to retrieve important information when you need it.


Store and manage the liens generated between your company and your vendors and contractors. For easy identification, the liens are attached to the project and specific job to which they pertain.

Safety Violations Reports

Generate reports per team member, project or timeframe based on the notices that have been recorded. Endeavour provides you with multiple sorting and organizing options so you can retrieve the exact information you need.

Incident Reports

Field personnel can quickly document and submit an incident report into Endeavour. Project team members are able to review the information in a timely fashion. With Endeavour everything about your project is recorded and archived for future reference.

Violation Notices

Whenever a team member or subcontractor violates a safety regulation, a notice is automatically generated, added to the team profile in the risk management database and recorded under the TQM tab.

Bond Management

Always be protected with Endeavour’s bond management feature. Endeavour organizes and stores your bid, payment, performance and other surety bonds into a project’s database for easy retrieval.