Project & Schedule Management

Project & Schedule Management

Endeavour helps you manage your projects by keeping track of all of your tasks, integrating fully with any scheduling software you might have, helping you stay on budget and streamlining communication.

Project Profile

Information relating to your projects is stored in the project profile tab. The owner, team members, subcontractors, schedule, start date, milestones ... everything is neatly organized for easy retrieval. Access can be granted to specific users also allowing them to view and update the information.

Daily Diaries

With Endeavour, filling out the daily diary is easy. Forget notebooks and loose papers, Endeavour uses your schedule and punch list to determine what has been completed and what needs to be included in the daily diary. Attach site pictures, delivery, orders and more to fully document the day’s activities.


Keeping track of everyone’s schedule has never been easier. Endeavour syncs with your current scheduling software, such as Primavera or Microsoft Project, with just one click. Consult your schedule on the go. Short interval schedules are used to create short-term project goals that ensure the project is progressing at the right pace, helping you forecast issues early on.


Creating, distributing and keeping track of RFIs can be time-consuming. But, with Endeavour you can create RFIs and easily distribute them to your architects by email or fax. Endeavour also sends a reminder if an approval has not been received.

Meeting Logs

Endeavour makes organizing your meetings a simple, efficient process. Assign tasks, send meeting agendas or record meeting minutes so they can be viewed by all team members.

Telecommunication Logs:

ndeavour is made to help you keep track of your projects, and that means helping you keep a trail of all your communications. With telecommunication logs, simply create a log whenever you call an architect or email new blueprints. Telecommunication logs are search-able, making it easy to go back through a project’s history.

Action Items

Endeavour’s action item feature lets you assign a task to anyone working on the project, even if they are not part of your company. Just create a new action item and assign it to your subcontractor and they will have pending items.


Endeavour helps you streamline the process for total quality management on your construction site. Keep up with employee training, change control or customer complaints to ensure your work is always of the highest quality.

Punch Lists

Endeavour helps you keep track of your project’s punch list by listing all items that have to be completed, the day they were assigned, the person responsible and completion status. See what’s left to be completed with just a glance thanks to the clean, graphic interface. And, as items are crossed off the list, they are added to the project’s daily diary and schedule.