Expediting & Procurement

Expediting & Procurement

Submittals and transmittals are common to any project, but even more common to large, complicated projects.

Endeavour’s expediting database assists you in tracking material, ensures your deliveries are on time and tracks your delivery date through submittals and transmittals.

Superintendents and subcontractors are able to track the expediting process from beginning to end. At a glance, you can see when and where submittals were filed and who worked on them.


Endeavour lets you generate, distribute and track submittals to your subcontractor with one click. Make the submittals richer and easier to understand by adding any of the documents from the project, such as a catalog, product sample or drawing. Endeavour will show you how far along you are in the process and remind you and the subcontractor when a due date is nearing.


Keep track of all the documents sent and received between you and your architect. Easily monitor the advancement of the transmittal and be reminded when you need to take action. With Endeavour, everything is logged in the project history, so you can retrieve any past request and find who was responsible.

Material Items

Any material that is received or sent on the job site is recorded in Endeavour’s expediting database. The information stored includes the part number, supplier information, shipping date, delivery date, quantity and what item the part will be used for.


Endeavour keeps track of any item that is shipped or needs to be received by storing the shipping date, address, contact and estimated delivery date. Being able to consult the shipping information helps prevent errors and better manage your schedule.


Any time a part is ordered, an instruction manual is received or a warranty is collected, Endeavour adds those documents to the close-out books, along with every approved final paperwork. Creating a close-out manual is easy with Endeavour. Just check the list, add any document you think is necessary and distribute the digital close-out books to the owner in one click.