Contracts & Payments

Contracts & Payments

Contract and payment work-flows can slow down a project and create lots of paperwork.

With Endeavour, all your payment applications, billing and contract signing can be done from your computer or mobile device with great efficiency. Everything is then digitally stored and organized.

Since Endeavour integrates with your current accounting software, you don’t have to go back and forth between two programs.

Owner Contracts

Endeavour lets you easily organize and manage your owner contracts, project estimates and change requests. Everything that pertains to the owner can be found in one convenient location and corresponds to each individual list item created.

Owner Billing

Endeavour allows users to manage and automate owner billing. All of the subcontractors and payment applications you create are combined under owner billing. Set up how often you want to bill the owners and Endeavour sends them all the recent applications and contracts.

Subcontracts & Purchase Management

This feature allows you to assign all the subcontractor’s work to a line item in the project’s estimate and describe the scope of work to be done. Once the subcontract is approved, it is linked to the project estimate and budget helping you stay on track with your estimate so you don’t go over budget.

Subcontract Application for Payment

Subcontractors can log on to the web portal to submit a payment application. Endeavour breaks down the scope of work according to the original drafted contract and updates the project’s percentage of the subcontractor’s scope of work for a simple and fast payment process.

Purchase Application for Payments

Consolidate invoices for purchase contracts into a purchase application for payment. Once the approval is received, you can easily process the payment since Endeavour integrates with your accounting software.

Change Orders Management

Change orders can quickly add up on a project. Endeavour simplifies the process between you and your subcontractor by creating, distributing, recording and receiving approval of change orders in real time.

Digital Signature for Contracts and Change Orders

Tired of waiting on a mailed contract or change order signatures? With Endeavour, the user can securely log on and sign the contract or change order. The subcontractors or vendors can see the published documents, download and digitally sign them in less than 20 minutes, saving you you save time, cost and frustration.


Endeavour generates notices to any team member that has received a payment or contract request. The notice can be emailed or faxed so the recipient does not have to be on Endeavour to receive the notice.

Lien Waivers Management

With the streamlined payment application process, your vendors will be able to view and print lien waivers as soon as they have processed their payment applications. There is no need for your vendor to pick up a paper form. Everything can be done from their computer or mobile device for a faster, more cost-effective process.