Additional Features

Additional Features

Endeavour is a construction management software, but it also has some added bonuses you can use for things that do not directly relate to a particular project. Manage your bids right from Endeavour, create and share a document library, create the inventory and more.


These are things that make your job even easier.


Easily manage the prebid process with the help of Endeavour. This feature lets you track subs for prebid, send correspondence, receive offers and nofity subcontractors. Once you have accepted an offer, transfer only what you need to your project, leaving the rest here for your records. From the pre-bid process to the close-out, all you need to manage your project is Endeavour.

Document Library

Going from paper documents to digital documents is even easier with the document library. Here you can keep pictures, orders, bills, drawings, blueprints, notes, product specs and more. Endeavour creates a direct connection between the stored documents and their corresponding project. Upon project completion, these documents are archived with all other project information for future retrieval.

Equipment and Inventory

Some clients want a full list of any equipment and/or part used for the project. Endeavour helps you create and organize that list by letting you enter product specifications, assign the responsibility of an item to a team member and keep track of what the item is used for.